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About us

Simple Spectrum Solutions SA was started by Rochelle and Mariske Joubert. Mariske, with a bachelors degree in education is a qualified teacher  and owner of a pre-school for the last fifteen years. She is also a mom of three bubbly boys! Rochelle with bachelors in science and a background in food safety compliance, is a mom of an athletic boy and on the verge of highschool 13 year old teen. Not only sisters by marriage, but sisters by heart.

We are so passionate about getting our kids the best possible outcomes being at school, academically or on the sportsfields. Our kids need the right support, in conjunction with healthy eating, to be their best! We absolutely believe in healthy diets and balanced meals but realise for busy moms it is not always possible to fill all those nutritional gaps! 

Driven by the need to find a supplement with no nonsense, with the best available vitamins and minerals, in the most bioavailable forms, we started researching our options. We researched the availability of a nutraceutical in South Africa and found that quality supplementation for kiddos on the autism spectrum and with ADHD was just not available! The US is years infront of us with regards to studies on the effects of supplementation on behaviour! We also found products of this quality could only be imported at around $65 dollars plus! We  spoke  to desperate parents wanting something else becauze their kids are on hectic medication to treat ADHD and autism. The more we researched the more we realised the link between behaviour and nutrition! The less expensive products in gummyforms are mostly full of sugars, preservatives, gluten, casein, soy, additives and frankly mostly junk! We wanted the best for our South African families!!

Reaching out to Heather Grimaldi and dr. Shay from Simple Spectrums Supplement opened our eyes to this science-based quality nutraceutical product! We needed it to be available to our Southern African families here and available quick and in stock without having to wait for customs! We also use this product ourselves - from our 2 year old little busy-body to our farmer-husbands! We BELIEVE in this all-in-one multivitamin for our families, and so should you! 

Our goal

Our goal is to have Simple Spectrum  Supplement available to our Southern African parents seeking a quality, science-backed, third party tested,  no junk supplements for their kiddos. In future we aim to distribute to Africa as well.

Directors of simplespectrumsolutionssa.co.za and Simple Spectrum Solutions SA a company in South Africa importing simple spectrum supplement from the United states

To a better, brighter future where dreams have no limits!

Mariske and Rochelle