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Omega-3 DHA Supplement

Simple Spectrum Omega 3 DHA supplement is designed with our kids with sensory needs in mind and is a natural flavored liquid, sweetened with monk fruit, with no added soy, gluten, casein, nuts, dairy, GMOs, added sugar, artificial preservatives, or artificial ingredients or flavoring. Our products are all third party tested for purity and quality. The highest quality nutrients in the best forms - it really is quite simple.

What makes our fish oil unique is that you will see a TG on the label. TG stands for triglyceride form of omega-3. This is the form found in nature. Most natural oils – such as olive oil and corn oil - are in the triglyceride form. Concentrated fish oils on the other hand have different molecular structures, with the Ethyl Ester form being most common. Clinical studies suggest that the triglyceride form of omega-3 provides better bioavailability then restructured omega-3 forms. Simply put, our Triglycerides are more stable and absorb better.