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Simple Spectrum Supplement - 1 bottle

Simple Spectrum Solutions

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It’s simple!! Only the best vitamins and minerals in the most bioavailable forms! If you are looking for a medicinal grade nutraceutical developed to meet the nutritional needs of the developing nervous system look no further!

Simple spectrum supplement addresses the nutritional deficiencies we often find in our picky-eaters, or persons with sensory difficulties, autism and ADHD. We have had fantastic feedback from families when supporting children on the spectrum with this high potency product!

This product provides fantastic support for all students! Nutrients to help with stress and anxiety during studies and exams is included in the formula!

Can my teen use it? Most definitely! Teens live such a fast pace life! Support is essential! 

Future Sport stars?  Yes, for sure!! You need to replace those lost nutrients during training to be the best athlete they can be!

Can Moms use it? Absolutely!! Throw away all of those bottles piling up in the medicine cabinet! This is an all-in-one multivitamin!! One product to meet all your nutritional needs!! Anti-oxidants to protect against free radicals, calcium and l-carnitine are only some of the products in this product!

And don’t forget dad!! Add it to his smoothie or even his pre-workout mix before hitting the gym or bike!

The whole family sorted! 

Customer Reviews

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So far, my kid is doing well. I have to give it to him in orange juice so he tolerates the taste but seems to be doing well.

Mrs Moodley

I don't know how people say this product works it has made my 5 year old son's behaviour even worse, tried it on my twin 3 year olds and no difference, very dissatisfied.

Nicole Ingabire

Simple Spectrum Supplement - 1 bottle

Nicolene Gerber
Great service and product

I am very happy with the product and the delivery is outstanding. Could not asked for better service.

Helga Labuschagne

Thanks for great product and great service.